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 S c h o l a    S p e c i a l i s   F a m i l i a e


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Veronika, Anežka, Klárka, Jiří  and  Jan
 Matouškovi  and  Vlastislav Matoušek (art director)

A family band of  Czech musicologist  and composer Doc. Dr. Vlastislav Matousek  specializing in interpretation of medieval music. The dominant vocals are acompanied by contemporary instrumental play using copies or reconstrued medieval instruments. The core of the repertoar are anonymous, polyphonic compositions from Czech sources with focus on Codex Specialnik and Codex Franus. From the known authors the most often played author is Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz (ca 1400-14800).

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Last updated: Octobre 12, 2007