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Public Music-Enlightenment Association  

(founded at 2001)              e-mail:

Vlastislav Matoušek

The aim of the Public Music-Enlightenment Association 108 Hz is the universal support of performing and presenting   Art-music compositions, the Artistic music which is for various reasons considered to be too unconventional, experimental or non-standard,  and defies the usual concert practice and therefore is performed rarely or not at all.

Founding members:
Martin Cikánek
 Petr Bakla
 Vlastislav Matoušek


Chamber Sci-Fi opera 8th Journey


Performances of the Public Music-Enlightenment  Association   20072006200520042003 2002

 Thursday November 23, 2006  at 7:30 pm.,  Atrium, Čajkovského 12, Prague 3

Atrium concert hall and Public Music-Enlightenment Association
invites You at :

Signate signa
 next Concert of Composition of the End of the 2nd and the Beginning of the 3rd Millenium,
this time dominated by human voices

 realized by ensemble

Octopus Pragensis

Atrium, Čajkovského 12, Prague 3

Vlastislav Matoušek: Via prophetiae for voices and bell at Biblic texts
Vlastislav Matoušek: Signate signa canon magicus enigmaticus cancrisans perpetuus vocibus ad lib. (2006)
Vlastislav Matoušek: Napomenuti  Literatske těm Kterži Dobrže Spiwati Neumějy Wydane z Hlawniho Města Prahy z Kuru Teynskeho  for 12 vocibus (1988)

Vlastislav Matoušek: Labyrinthus for vox humana (2000)

John Cage: Litany for the Whale recitation and thirty two responses for two voices without vibrato (1981)
Vlastislav Matoušek: Vox clamantis for Voices of the  Beings and  Percussions at Biblic texts (2003)
Vlastislav Matoušek:
„…et deduce me in via aeterna“ - canon enigmaticus cancrisans perpetuus vocibus ad lib.

Octopus Pragensis  (
choirmaster and conductor   Petr Daněk)
and as a quest:

Ensemble 108 Hz
for this ocassion created by musicians or their interpreters:
Klára Matoušková, Veronika Matoušková, Jaromír Havlík
and  Vlastislav Matoušek

(as usually as a Deputy of the chief coordinator)  


Wednesday October 11, 2006 at 19:30,  the church of St. Johannes Baptist On Laundry (sv. Jan Křtitel na Prádle),
str. Všehrdova, Říční,  Kampa, Prague 1

Shakuhachi Performance
by Famous American Shakuhachi Teacher and Performer

James Nyoraku Schlefer

with  Vlastislav Matoušek and his friends as a guests

 3 x from HONKYOKU:  Kumoijhishi,  Jinbo Sanya Sokaku Reibo - Life of the cranes
James Nyoraku Schlefer: Flare Up
 Being too serious, we must laugh at ourselves (2001)
James Nyoraku Schlefer: Timeless Moment
 A gentle meditation of shakuhachi harmony (2003)

Vlastislav Matoušek: Calligraphy for Voice and Bamboo (1997)
 Vlastislav Matoušek: Inside the Circle  (for wind instruments, 1996)
Japanes traditional musicShika no Tone Vzdálené volání jelenů  (the 15th century)
Vlastislav Matoušek:
„…et deduce me in via aeterna“ (Ordo Mobii
canon enigmaticus cancrisans perpetuus vocibus  for arbitrary number of voices and instruments (1998)

Friday October 13, 2006 at 19:30,  
á Hora, 
Chapel of Corpus Dei





Tuesday May 9, 2006 at 20,15  Bethanienklooster,  Amsterdam, Holandsko

Concert of  Japanese Flute Shakuhachi of Vlastislav Matoušek

San'ya  - Three valleys 
Calligraphy for Voice and Bamboo
Shika no Tone

 The Barton Workshop 
- one of Europe's leading New Music ensemble

performed the pieces  of  Vlastislav Matoušek

Dharana (1980)
  Kóan  (1998)
Ante Duodecimam   (2000)
Ordo Mobii  (1996)
Inside the Circle  
  Labyrinthus  (2000)

(shk.: Vlastislav Matoušek, voc.: Klára a Veronika Matouškovy)
Plakat of Amsterdam      Program of Amsterdam  


The Barton Workshop is an Amsterdam based ensemble founded in 1989 by composer-trombonist, James Fulkerson. The artistic philosophy of the ensemble is to perform the leading edge of contemporary music today - whether notated or not. They primarily create concerts, usually in collaboration with the composers, which are "composer portraits" giving either an overview or an in-depth representation of a chosen composer's work. 

       They have collaborated with composers such as Alvin Lucier, Christian Wolff, Nicolas Collins, and Frank Denyer and given world and European premieres of works by Galina Ustvolskaya, Henryk Gorecki, James Fulkerson, Jerry Hunt, Frank Denyer, Nicolas Collins and others. 


Since April 24 to May 2, 2006

Christopher Yohmei Blasdel
shakuhachi master of  the Kinko school, the important apprentice of  Goro Yamaguchi

April 27, 2006 at 7:30pm., church Na Prádle, Kampa, Prague 1
Traditional and Contemporary Music for Japanes Bamboo Flute Shakuhachi

May 2, 2005 at 7 pm., Atrium concert hall, Prague 3, Žižkov
Sounds of  Bamboo

Song of the Cranes  (Sokareibo-Kinko Honkyoku)
Sany'a (Koten Homkyoku) 
Ichijo (Kineya Seiho)
Hienso (Nakajima Haru)
Sonnet II (Miki Minoru)
Rokudan no Shirabe (Soukyoku)
Labyrinthus (Vlastislav Matoušek)


Performances   of the Public Music-Enlightenment  Association   20072006200520042003 2002
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