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Doc. Vlastislav Matoušek, Ph.D.

(, )

         He studied Composition and postgradual courses in Musical Theory at the Academy of Performing Arts, the Faculty of Music in Prague where he has been teaching ethnomusicology since 1991. There he received his Ph.D. degree in theory of composition (2001). Six months as a fellow of Japan Foundation he studied shakuhachi playing at Kifu Mitsuhashi and Japanese Traditional Music at Prof. Osamu Yamaguti in Japan (1996). Since 1999 he has been teaching also at Institut of Musicology of Charles University in Prague.

         In his ethnomusicological research he focuses on Extra-European Cultures, exotic and folk musical instruments, rhythm and kinetics. He is active as a musical journalist, especially with the Czech Radio in Prague.

        He is the author of eccentric compositions, often with the participation of exotic instruments and electronics. He prefers non-traditional means of expressions and compositional procedures.

        As a concert performer he plays shakuhachi honkyoku (CD Calligraphy - Angel 1999, CD Taki Ochi – Arta 2003, CD Calligraphy II – LK 2004) and presents his compositions for exotic and folk instruments from his own extensive collection, often in combination with electronics (CD Shapes of Silence - Transmusic 1994).

        He plays Eastern-Czech folk and medieval music on the historical Czech "moldánky" bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, hackbrett, platterspiel and other folk instruments with his own band Schola Specialis Familiae.

       Since 1979 he has been playing meditational and Orient inspired music on percussion and various other ethnic instruments (especially Indian tabla and various folk flutes) in the group Relaxace (CD Dhjana, CD Kadael, CD Czech Kóan, CD Morning Prayer, CD Indian Inspiration etc.).

       For 16 years he was singing Renaissance polyphony in the chamber choir Duodena Cantitans  (5 CD´s, many Radio and TV recordings and concerts abroad) and he also sings his songs and plays bass guitar and various ethnic instruments in experimental rock band Yamabu.

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