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Fraktals (2005)
for Guitar (amplified ad lib.)
durata: 9'00''
premiered in November 28,  2005 during "Třídení plus 2005" of the Atelier 90, the church of  the St. Vavřinec, Prague 1; guitar: Josef Mazan

Pa-jin (2004
8 Sounds for Multipercussion
durata: 16'34''
premiered in December 4,  2004 during the festival  "Třídení plus 2004" of the Atelier 90,  Galerie HAMU, Prague; multipercussion: David Řehoř

Chronica Bohemorum (2001)
for Prepared Piano
durata: 7'12"
premiered in December 5, 2001 during the festival “Třídení plus 2001” of the Atelier 90, Martinů Hall of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague; Patricia Goodson - prepared piano

Ante duodecimam (2000)
for Piano
durata: 5'24"
premiered in June 12, 2000, Atelier 90 concert “Searching for Circumstances II - Pieces for Solo Instruments”; Patricia Goodson - piano
Commentary  |  Score preview
Ante duodecimam (preview)

Ante duodecimam

Hexachordon (2000)
for Guitar (amplified ad lib.)
durata ad lib. (cca 9'00")
premiered in April 30, 2000 at Eglise luthérienne Sainte Pierre, 55 rue Manin, Paris; Josef Mazan - guitar; also performed in May 2000 during the concert tour in Singapore
Czech premiere in December 6, 2000 during the “Třídení plus 2000” festival of the Atelier 90, Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague; Josef Mazan - guitar

Inside the Circle (1996)
for Wind Instrument
durata: cca 12'00"
premiered in November 8, 1998, the concert “50 Years Later”, Gallery of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague; Kamil Doležal - clarinet
Commentary  |  Score preview  |  Recordings
Inside the Circle (preview)

Inside the Circle

Algorithm of the Return per Organum (1991)
durata: 20'00"

Aleatorica for Piano (1983)
durata: 6'43"
Commentary  |  Score preview  |  Audio samples
Aleatorica for Piano (preview)

Aleatorica for Piano

Three Rondos for Piano (1980)
durata: 16'30"
Commentary  |  Score preview
Three Rondos for Piano (preview)

Three Rondos for Piano

Illuminatio (1979)
for Violoncello
durata: 9'15"
Commentary  |  Score preview
Illuminatio (preview)


Before Twelfth (1978)
Suite for Piano
durata: cca 8'30"

Sonatine for Flute (1977)
durata: cca 5'10"

Suite for Guitar (1976)
durata: 8'05"
premiered in October 13, 1998 at the author’s concert together with Israel composer Mark Kopytman, Atrium concert hall, Prague-Žižkov; Roman Krejčí - guitar
Fugue for Guitar (1974)
durata: 4'40"
premiered in March 16, 2000, Atrium concert hall, Prague-Žižkov; Josef Mazan - guitar

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