Japanese garden Oleško / 28.06.2013


PSF 2013 /

Prague Shakuhachi Festival 2013



5 days, 12 concerts, 2 listening sessions and countless lectures and workshops. This is PSF 2013.
Bigger than ever.


The opening concert on the 23rd will show contemporary music for shakuhachi and electronics.

20:00 Opening concert: Crossing the Boundaries Courtyard of HAMU


The evening of 24th will be dedicated to voice in Japanese and contemporary music, featuring wonderful singer Mika Kimula, koto and shamisen player Yuji Kikuo and shakuhachi players Christopher Yohmei, Gunnar Jinmei and Kifu Mitsuhashi.

17:00 Pamelia Kurstin & Jim Franklin: walking bass

20:00 Tales of the Uncanny: voice in Japanese & contemporary music

22:30 Jazz Jam Session: from grove to groove


Spiritual music of the komuso will reverberate the concert hall on the evening of the 25th. Featuring many important players of various historical lineages, this concert will take you on a long journey towards your own self.

17:00 Mika Kimula & Yuji Kikuo: stories of love and death

20:00 Zen: Sound & Silence

22:30 Theremin, Shakuhachi, Percussion: improvisation today


On the evening of August 26, you will have a chance to witness a world premiere of a new composition commissioned by young Czech composer Jakub Rataj for two world-class performers, Kifu Mitsuhashi (shakuhachi) and Pamelia Kurstin (theremin). Other evening’s compositions will be by composers Hirose Ryohei, Takahashi Yuji, Jim Franklin and Vlastislav Matoušek.

17:00 Dietmar Herriger: Itchoken shakuhachi

20:00 Inner Landscapes, Contemporary Myths

22:30 Mama Bubo: the big beat alternative


Meet young shakuhachi players at afternoon concert to listen to traditional and modern compositions for the shakuhachi.

17:00 Shakuhachi Matinee: meet young players

20:00 Student Concert: new friends